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The mourning dove (zenaida macroura) is also know as the American mourning dove, turtle dove,and rain dove, and was once called the Carolina pigeon of Carolina Turtle dove (see John James Audubon.) It ranges from southern Canada in the north, south to Panama in Central America and the Greater Antilles. Most of the Canadian prairie has them in the summer and Central America only sees them in the winter.There are vagrants that stray into northern Canada and down into South America.


Ninety nine percent of their diet consists of seeds, of which their favorites are pine nuts, sweetgum seeds and the seeds of pokeberry, amaranth, canary grass, corn, sesame and wheat. Snails insects and berries make up the remainder of their diet. They can usually be found foraging on the ground, walking not hopping, as they look for seeds. They don't dig or scratch like many birds, feeding on what's visible. They generally feed until they fill their crops and then fly away to rest and digest their meals. The young are fed crop milk.

Preferring open and semi-open areas, such as farms, prairies, and grasslands, as well as urban areas and lightly wooded areas, the mourning dove avoids swamps and thick forests. They can often by found gathered around drinking spots at dawn and dusk.

Picture of a mourning dove on a branch in Tampa, Florida's Lettuce Lake Park as a fine art nature print for the wall of your home or office.

Title:   Mourning Dove

Picture of a mourning dove sitting on a branch in Florida's Honeymoon Island State Park as a fine art nature print for the wall of your home or office.

Title:   Mourning Rest

Rock pigeons (columba livia) are found all over the world. Look for them in parks, neighborhoods, and farms, as well as under bridges and on tall rocky cliffs.

Their diet consists mainly of seeds and fruit but also feed on food scraps left by humans.

A rok pigeon as a fine art nature print for the walls of your home or office.

Title:   Rock Pigeon

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