Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers

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Fine art prints of grasshoppers for the walls of your home or office.

The eastern lubber grasshopper (romalea microptera) can only be found in the southeastern and south central United States, from central North Carolina west through southern Tennessee, georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana to Texas and all of Florida.


They are basically vegetarians and prefer open pine-woods and weedy areas and tend to aboid low wet sites and elevated dry sites. Like all grasshoppers, they can be a real threat to all crops. Because they contain toxins, they are avoided by most birds and mammals.

Fine art prints of eastern lubber grasshoppers for the walls of your home or office.

Picture of a female eastern lubber grasshopper as a fine art nature print for the wall of your home or office.

Title: Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

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