Wild Turkeys

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Fine art prints of wild turkeys for the walls of your home or office.

The wild turkey (meleagris gallopavo) can be found traveling in flocks in the mountain forests, wooded swamps, and mesquite grasslands of lower Canada, the United States, and parts of Mexico where there are nut bearing trees like oak, hickory, beech, pecan, and others. They have also been introduced into Hawaii. Their favorite habitat is woodland with open clearings where you will see them on the ground scratching leaf litter in search of food


Meleagris gallopavo is a large plump bird measuring from 43.3" to 45.3" in length with a wingspan bvetwee 49.2: and 56.7"  that feeds most actively in the early morning and the late evening, usually on the ground. Acorns form the bulk of their diet along with other wild nuts, leaves, seeds, grains, berries, buds, grass blades, roots, and bulbs.  Being omniverous, they also eat insects, spiders, snails and occasionally frogs, lizards, snakes, salamander and crabs. 


Although both sexes are good fliers, the females prefer to fly when startled while the males prefer to run. Both roost in trees at night.

Picture of a wild turkey tom in a Cades Cove pasture of the Great Smoky Mountains as a fine art nature print for the wall of your home or office.

Title:   Wild Turkey

Picture of a wild turkey hen and chicks in Tampa, Florida's Lettuce Lake Park as a fine art nature print for the wall of your home or office.

Title:     Just A Little Wild Turkey

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