Yellow Billed Cuckoos

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Fine art prints of yellow billed cuckoos for the walls of your home or office.

Yellow billed cuckoos (coccyzus americanus) can be found in deciduous forests from southern Canada down through the eastern United States to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and as far south as northern Argentina in South America. They are a migratory bird and a rare vagrant to Western Europe. They prefer woodland patches with gaps, clearings, and dense cover with water nearby.


They are a medium sized bird measuring from 10.2" to 11.8" in length with a wingspan of between 15" and 16.9"." The have a long tail that is brown above like the back of the bird, and black and white underneath.The long bill is slightly curved, black on the top and yellow, particularly on the lower half. The head is brown and the chest and belly is white. The have a yellow ring around theie eyes and the wings show a cinnamon flash in flight. It is a fairly long, slim bird with a black mask across the face.

Picture of a yellow billed cuckoo eating a caterpillar at Tampa, Florida's Lettuce Lake Park as a fine art nature print for the wall of your home or office.

Title: Cuckoo For Caterpillar

The yellow billed cuckoo likes to forage in dense shrubs and trees for insects like cicadas, and especially caterpillars. They seek out tent caterpillars and have been known to eat 100 at a sitting. They are one of the few birds that eat hairy caterpillars. They also eat lizards, berries and the eggs of other birds.


They have been known to lay their eggs in another cuckoos nest, but usually not other birds, and they don't make a particular habit of it. Pictrures of yellow billed cuckoos.

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