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To make it easier to picture the amphibians like frogs and salamanders in the wild, browse the images below.

The Strawberry poison-dart frog (oophaga pumilio), formerly (dendrobates pumilio), is found in eastern central Nicaragua, Costa Rica and northwestern Panama and is less than an inch in length. Look for theses terrestrial frogs in leaf litter in humid lowlands, premountain forests and plantations.

Their diet consists mainly of adult mites and formicine ants, from which they get their toxicity.

There is widespead color variation in this species, the most common of whicnh, is the blue jean poison-dart frog morph of Cosa Rica.

Green Treefrog

This green treefrog was trying to hide on a branch in Tampa, Florida's Lettuce Lake Park.

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Blue Jeans Poison-Dart Frog

This strawberry poison-dart frog was sitting on a leaf in the La Paz Watervell Gardens in Vara Blanca, Costa Rica.

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Tree Frog Hanging Ten

I found this tree frog climbing in the philodendrun on one of the oak trees in my yard.

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Snuggle Buddies

These frogs were found at Weedon Island State Park in Pinellas County, Florida.

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