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Digital Art

Pictures of various subjects created digitally, for your enjoyment.

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Filament Lights

Abstract presentation of clover blossom.

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Red-Shouldered Hawk in Flight WC

A water color of a young red-shouldered hawk in flight in Tampa, Florida's, Lettuce Lake Park.

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Palmetto And Pine

Palmettos and pines are as much as an integral part of Florida's landscape as palms and beaches. Great swaths of Florida's interior are covered with both palmettos and pines intersprpersed with prairie pasture land. this represents only a small portion of that.

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Brace Yourself

Kitesurfing also called kiteboarding, is an art as it is practiced and how it is portrayed in pictures. Most of the art shows people doing stunts while some shows a surfer and their kite or multiple sufers with their kites.

A kitesurfer uses the power of the wind, harnessed with a large controllable kite that resembles some of the modern parachutes used by skydivers, to be propelled across the water on a kiteboard, that is similar to a wakeboard or small surfboard. The board may or may not have footstraps or bindings.

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Fishing Hole

The great white egret (ardea alba) or great egret can be found in most of the freshwater and saltwater marshes of the tropical, subtropical and temperate regions around the world. You can find it in North, Central, and South America, from lower Canada to Argentina. Usually a resident, it migrates from Canada and the upper United States during the winter. Great white egret fishing in a small pond in Florida.

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Splash of Yellow

Yellow Tick blossoms at River Junction Recreation Area in the Withlacoochee National Forest, Florida.

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Posada de Laguna Lodge

This is the lodge of the Posada de Laguna in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina, on the shores of one of the lakes in the Esteros de Ibera.

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Air Plants in Sepia

Cluster of air plants in Six Mile Cypress Slough in Ft. Myers, Florida.

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Nap Time 2

A great blue heron taking a nap against a backdrop of water lilies.

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Follow The Leader

This group of Kayakers came out of one of the bends in the Hillsborough River in Tampa, Florida.

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Tri Colored Mirror Image

I found this tri-colored heron on the Hillsborough river in the Morris Bridge Park in Tampa, Florida. T

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Yellow Shelves

Fungus can sometimes be really interesting things. I found these at Aldermans Ford Park in Hillsborough County, Florida.

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