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Tennessee Cities

'Pictures of historical buildings, houses and structures in the state of Tennessee and information about them.

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Cades Cove Methodist Church

The Cades Cove Methodist church was organized in 1820 and listed on the rider circuit in 1830. During the American Civil War and reconstruction, the congregation split, with part forming the Hopewell Methodist church.

Originally a log structure with a fire pit and a dirt floor, the current building was built in 1902 by John D. McCampbell, the then pastor/carpenter in 115 days for $115.00. It has the second oldest cemetary in Cades Cove.

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John P cable Mill

The John P. Cable mill was built as a grist mill in the early 1870's in Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountaines. It is an overshot water wheel/gravity wheel, meaning that water enters the wheel at the top and gravity pulls the water to its exit at the bottom of the turn of the wheel. It uses water from Mill Creek to power the wheel and a connecting channel was dug to Forge Creek to help provide water when the levels were low.

They also used the water wheel to power a saw mill which changed building construction in the cove from Log to lumber and frame.

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